Eagle Research offers a variety of levels of training on all our hardware and software products. Training is structured in such a manner that a customer can attend the sessions that are most relevant to their level of knowledge on the hardware or software being taught. Depending on the number of employees that a customer may wish to have trained, Eagle can provide customized modules tailored to a specific customers requirements and taught at the customers facility to minimize employee travel time and expense. Eagle Research offers hands-on training in the field for our Transfer Prover as well as many of our other products. During training, attendees are provided with the necessary manuals, hardware, cables and software to accomplish the training requirements. Attendees should bring a laptop computer to the training sessions. Depending on the training response and customer attendee mix, sessions will typically last between two and three days when held at the Eagle Research facilities. Many of Eagle’s staff regularly participate in presenting materials at the sessions, offering our customers access to the in-house experts on our hardware and software products. Our staff would be pleased to work with our customers to address specific training requirements necessary on either a new or remedial basis to assure an up-to-date workforce on our products.

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Fall Training
Fall Training - October 17-19, 2023
■ October 17-18 (1 ½ Day): MPplus II and MP Training with Field Manager Software
■ October 18-19 (1 ½ Day): E-Series with Field Manager Software

Virtual Talon SCE Software Training
Virtual Talon SCE Software Training October 24-26
■ October 24-26, 2023 (2½ Day)